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Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council – Monday 19th May 2014


MONDAY 19th MAY 2014


Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Graeme Johnson;
Paul Frost; Glynis Frost; David Chapman

The minutes of the last meeting, having been posted and circulated, were taken as read, approved and signed.



With reference to the availability of the electoral register, Tony Talby said he had an email from Laura Webster and would go to collect it from South Norfolk.
The chairperson said she had emailed the vicar re the removal of the organ, without response as yet, but it was also mentioned that Andy Haggith has been asked to canvass interested parties to assess any objections.
Improvements to the Thickthorn Roundabout were noted with approval.
The new sign forbidding dogs on the village green was welcomed, but Tony Talby reported that it had been removed once and had to be reinstated.



Minutes – AGM Swainsthorpe Parish Council – 19th May 2014


MONDAY 19th MAY 2014


Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Graeme Johnson;
Paul Frost; Glynis Frost; David Chapman
Two members of the public.


David Chapman proposed the reelection of Chairperson Janet Flower, which was seconded by Graeme Johnson and carried unanimously.


The chairperson began by welcoming Mr. and Mrs Holman, who expressed their disappointment that no other members of the public were present. There followed a discussion of the advertising of meetings, though past attempts to encourage attendance had never proved very successful.

The chairperson then gave her annual report (herewith appended)

Paul Frost gave the annual planning report (herewith appended)
There was discussion of the current situation at the Dun Cow, which is planned to be open soon, and the adherence to planning guidelines on that site.
Also, a new application which has just been received for stables at 11 Briar Lane, which Mrs Holman said had previously been turned down.
There was also related discussion of the use of bridle paths and private roads by motorbikes, about which there have been various complaints. Any complaints should be reported to the police, who have dealt with this in the past.





The accounts were presented by the Clerk, which had been approved by the Council at the earlier meeting.
Funds held have increased during the year due to reduced expenditure, but it was agreed that the precept should remain the same for the time being in light of the proposed second phase of work by the Charity Trust and possible applications by them for funding.

David Chapman gave a report on behalf of the Charity Trust. He began by saying that he
has stood down as chairman and that Robin Parkinson has now taken that position and that a new committee has been set up to review current and future requirements that may need funding, owing to the fact that funds are not available for an extension.
Janet Flower asked for confirmation of the time constraints and was assured that the present faculty for the present temporary arrangements does not expire until November 2016.


From the chair Janet Flower acknowledged a letter from Andy Haggith of the Parochial Church Council, thanking the Parish Council for the donation of £250 towards the Church Fabric Fund.
Janet Flower also offered to be responsible for planting around the village sign if the Parish Council will cover expenses, which was agreed with thanks. The subject of the corner of the main road was brought up but Janet Flower was not prepared to undertake this work.

From the floor Doreen Holman suggested a litter-picking session and Glynis Frost offered help. Tony Talby will also look into cutting back trees overgrowing the bus stop shelter. Further from the floor Mike Holman asked whether more could not be done to raise awareness in the village of the Council meetings, which are always poorly attended. However, efforts in the past have not been successful unless there was some particular issue that affected people.

Janet Flower raised the issue of the Partnership magazine. In future the minutes of the Parish Council meetings will be submitted for publication, as well as dates of future meetings.

The next meeting will be on July 7th at 7.30pm at St. Peter’s Community Hall.

Chairman’s Report (May 2014 AGM) – Swainsthorpe Parish Council


Presented at the AGM held on 19th May 2014
We have now come to the end of another year for the
Council and unlike last year we have had a full
compliment of meetings.

My thanks to Tony for continuing to act as Clerk to the
Council and also to Glynis for doing a splendid job with
the minutes.

We have two co-opted new Councillors in our team
Graham Johnson and Paul Frost who kindly agreed to be
our Planning Officer.

District Councillor Laura Webster has attended several of
our meetings this year and has kept us informed of
happenings at South Norfolk Council for which we say a
big thank you.

We have also had a visit on several occasions from
Norfolk County Councillor Colin Foulger who has given
us an update on the Incinerator project and informed us
of the proposed repair to the Thickthorn Roundabout and
other information.

The Council has once again looked into the speed limit
of the A140 and will look further into this once the Dun
Cow has been opened, and to see how the flow of traffic
from this site merges onto the A140. We will also review
the prospect of a light on the island opposite the bus
The Agricultural site on the ,140 is now a commercial
operation and they have now applied for planning
approval to increase the use of the site (more about this
in the planning report)

I am sure we will all be pleased when the Dun Cow is
open and we can see what is on offer. Mr Cruickshank
has certainly spent a lot of money on this project and we
hope it will be a success.

We have once again made a donation to Swainsthorpe
Church towards the fabric fund, and we have received a
letter from the Parochial Church Council acknowledging

Once again we have been asked to contribute to the cost
of the Partnership magazine, but after a lengthy
discussion with the councillors it was decided that owing
to the small amount of Swainsthorpe news we would not
be contributing and a letter was sent accordingly to
Newton Flotman PCC.

It was decided by the Council that a new and larger shed
be provided for storage as the old one is no longer big
enough and is in need of repair. Tony and Graham will
look into the size and cost and report back to council.

Dog Fouling has once again been brought to our notice
on footpaths around the village and as we have many
walkers using these routes we ask dog owners to be more
Responsible and clear up after their dogs. A new sign has
been provided by the council banning dogs on the
village green as this space is for the use of children to
play on.



It was good to see the pot holes on Church Road have
been repaired by the Rangers. I would also like to thank
the person or persons who have filled in the holes in
Briar Lane.

We had a visit from Corinne Boyce Chairman of the
Governors of Newton Flotman School who advised us
that she is retiring and a new governor has to be found to
replace her. She is hoping that someone from
Swainsthorpe would apply and they do not necessarily
have to have a child at the school. Details will be
advertised in the Partnership in due course.

Once again a successful fete was held on the village
green with proceeds to the Community project.

A Christmas coffee morning with craft for the children
was held in the Community centre, this was followed by
a Christmas party for the children all organised by the

The candlelit Carol service in the church was well
attended and we also had a choir in attendance, after the
service Mrs Kay Mills provided mulled wine and there
was also a lovely selection of mince pies.

It was a great treat to see the Christmas tree on the
village green again. And many thanks to those who
erected the tree and decorated it with all the lights. The
Christmas Eve carol service round the tree was excellent
and in spite of a cold evening was well attended. Hot
drinks and eats were provided by the PIGS. And we have
an early visit from Father Christmas who gave out sweets
to the children. A great start to Christmas.



Now that phase 1 of the Community Project is complete
it has been wonderful to make use of the facilities

The team of PIGS have done a splendid job and arranged
many events, a visit from Will Giles, Quiz night, Bingo
sessions and 2 excellent curry nights what comes next?
My sincere thanks to all who have helped to make these a
success. We also have a youth event and a Toddler group
Twice a month.

Thanks go to Eddie and Brian Lincoln for the excellent
work that they do in keeping the grass around the village
in good order.
To David Pownall for looking after the hedge around the
village green.

Thank you to Andy Haggith and his team for the work in
keeping our churchyard neat and tidy.

Thanks to Doreen Holman for looking after the bus
shelters for us and keeping them clean and tidy.

My sincere thanks to David Chapman for all his hard
work in completing Phase 1 of the Community Project. I
know it has been hard work and sometimes frustrating
but the end project Is excellent, thanks also to those who
assisted him.

It has been good to see the start up of the Painting club
by Derek Harvey for whom we thank and look forward to
seeing the results in a future Art Exhibition.

Thank you Steven Talby for cleaning and painting all the
seats round the village, and all the other help you give.

Sincere thanks to all the residents both old and new who
have helped with the events and supported us throughout
the year and we look forward to your continued support
in the coming year.

Thanks to all my councillors for your support throughout
the past year, and hope for your support in the future.

Last but not least my sincere thanks to Tony for all his
help and assistance to me over the years and continuing
as clerk to the council and I am sure we all appreciate his
work on our behalf.

Planning Report (May 2014 AGM) – Swainsthorpe Parish Council


There have been six planning projects dealt with this year:

1) Garage extension application at no. 2 Church Road.

2) A new bungalow application at “The Holdings” adjacent to the railway level crossing.

3) Various applications at the Dun Cow Public House on the A 140

4) An application for a restaurant, shop and car wash at Averill’s Garage site on the A140

5) Replacement of greenhouses with new general purpose cooling and packing building for mushrooms at Lodge Farm Nurseries.

6) Application for stables at 11 Briar Lane

1) The garage extension was completed without objections.

2) Application to build a bungalow at The Holdings

There were no objections to the bungalow from the three neighbouring properties, only
comments. Their comments were recorded and sent to South Norfolk.
The only concern I had was access to the property and parking so close to the level crossing, and I made this point to South Norfolk.

The Highways department have objected on the grounds that access to and from the site
would become dangerous so close to the level crossing due to the lack of turning space for
large vehicles requiring them to reverse on to Church Road.
3)Various applications at the Dun Cow Public House on the A 140

This is an application that pre-dates my appointment on the council so the initial enquires and discussions had already been dealt with by others. Various issues have arisen on this
project that were subject to retrospective planning approval, except two,

a) The boundary wall and fence.
b) The 7m. high lighting posts.
As yet no appeal is showing on the web site.
Generally the alterations consist of upgrading and repair, including adding a new entrance
lobby, altering the entrance from the North side of the building to the South side and
Three rooms have been converted to bed and breakfast rooms, with the top floor used for
the staff accommodation.




Numerous other smaller projects have been undertaken that needed to be done as part of the ongoing works.
The field to the rear of the Dun Cow has been annexed to the Dun Cow (previously
farm land).

Generally the work and construction is very pleasing to the eye and should be an
asset to the village



4) An application for a restaurant, shop and car wash at Averill’s Garage site on the A 140

Two meetings were held with the owners of the adjacent bungalow/cottage. Strong objections were raised on various grounds. There was then a special meeting of the Parish Council to agree our position on the matter.
The Council’s conclusions are recorded in the minutes of that meeting.
I forwarded all the Council’s concerns together with the concerns of the affected neighbours to South Norfolk Council.

South Norfolk’s web page shows a time extension for the planning decision has been



5) I received a letter of objections to the mushroom farm development from Mr Faulks of
No2 Brick Kiln Lane

I contacted the agent for the development with a list of his concerns and received an e-mail covering all the concerns which I copied to Mr. Faulks.


6) No action taken yet.

Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council – Monday 6th January 2014


Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Graeme Johnson;
Paul Frost; Glynis Frost
County Councillor Colin Foulger; District Councillor Laura Webster

Apologies were received from Councillor David Chapman.

The minutes of the last meeting, having been posted and circulated, were taken as read, approved and signed.

Chairperson Janet Flower raised the matter of the overgrown footpath, which Tony Talby said was in hand, and also asked about the progress with the new shed. Tony Talby asked Graeme Johnson whether he had a price for a 10′ x 10′ shed as per requirements. Paul Frost asked if this was the largest that could be accommodated and was told that anything much larger would mean taking down two trees which might not be acceptable. 10′ x 12′ might just squeeze in but at the moment we are still awaiting prices.
This also raised the subject of the proposed phase two of the development, however Tony Talby reported that there seemed no possibility of Lottery Fund money for the extension, leaving only the “Plan B” option of the north aisle renovation with the removal of the organ. The subject of possible objections to this removal was discussed and, as it still seems unclear, Janet Flower will email the vicar to get a final decision.
Further to the discussion about the new shed, Graeme Johnson asked if the council might ask Mr Cruickshank for the donation of material for the base but this will not be considered until final decisions are made.
The Chairperson addressed a question to County Councillor Colin Foulgar about the works at the Thickthorn roundabout but was told that this was a matter for the Highways Authority.

Planning officer Paul Frost reported on the application for a bungalow to be built at The Holdings, about which he had been canvassing the immediate neighbours. There were no objections to the development per se, only complaints about other issues. The owner of the Holdings, Mr Mumford, was also spoken to and was reported to be amenable to discussion of any issues arising from the application, as well as about the matter of disturbance caused by his dogs, which seems to be the main bone of contention. He did say that he only intends to keep one there as a guard dog and will consider the suggestion to fill in the bottom part of the gates to minimise the barking at passers by. The unsightly trailer at present parked outside he said would be removed once the bungalow is built and that it is only there to prevent others using the lay-by to park. The only serious concern which has been passed on to South Norfolk Planning Department is the matter of vehicles wishing to pull into the property having to pause on the public road while the gates are being opened. This is a real hazard as visibility from the railway side is not good and it is very close to the level crossing. The planning officer’s suggestion is that the gates be moved back from the road. Since this report (to South Norfolk Council) was passed to Mr. Mumford, Paul Frost said he had received a letter from Mr. Mumford’s legal representative, with the suggestion that the gates would be remotely controlled to avoid waiting on the road. However this would presumably not help in the case of visitors to the site. Mr. Mumford is also offering to remove some hedging to improve visibility.
Janet Flower asked for clarification of plans for what was at present on the site, and was told that the building will stay but the caravan will be removed.
To a question about the completion of work at the Dun Cow, Tony Talby said that it was still planned to be the beginning of March. Some concerns have been voiced about the car park lighting but we await developments.

Tony Talby reported that the form for the precept has been duly submitted, and a standing order of £34.67 for Eon. He also updated the Council on the standing of the current and deposit accounts – £6,363.79 and £13,613.91 respectively.

District Councillor Laura Webster updated the meeting on pertinent activity at South Norfolk Council, saying that a new contract has been signed for extra items to be added to the recycling, including yogurt pots and plastic produce trays. We will be advised of this when it comes into force. She also said that money has become available under the “City Deal” but that does not affect our particular area.
Furthermore, there are changes proposed regarding the collection of information for the electoral register which will be notified in 2014 but will come into effect after 2015. Tony Talby asked about the Parish Council having a copy of the electoral register, which used to be the case. Councillor Webster offered to enquire.
County Councillor Colin Foulgar informed Council about the on-going incinerator situation and that the county is well stocked with salt and grit in case of bad weather. He also said that, with regard to the proposed bypass at Long Stratton, the process is at a delicate stage but that there would be a decision within 6-8 weeks.
Janet Flower said, with reference to the grit situation, she had read that the council will not in future fill road-side bins. The reply was that less bins may be filled. The chairperson also complained about large lorry trailers being left in public lay-bys on the A47 for days at a time, in as many as six sites, and asked why this was allowed. The County Councillor said he had not noticed and would look into it.
To another observation from the chair concerning dogs seen being walked on the village green, Tony Talby said that the signs were getting less visible and that he would take care of getting replacements.

From the chair, Councillors Foulgar and Webster were thanked for their attendance.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday the 3rd March at 7.30pm, at St. Peter’s church.

Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council – Monday 4th November 2013



Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Graeme Johnson;
Paul Frost; Glynis Frost

County Councillor Colin Foulger; District Councillor Laura Webster
Also one member of the public – Doreen Holman

The minutes of the last meeting, having been posted and circulated were taken as read, approved and signed.

Apologies were received from Councillor David Chapman.
Chairperson Janet Flower had received no further communication from the Partnership magazine.
The street light reported out at the last meeting has been repaired.
With regard to the dog fouling reported by Graeme Johnson at the last meeting, he has not noticed any more and Tony Talby told the Council he has obtained and put up signs at the corner of Church Close and the beginning of the footpath.

A report was given by Paul Frost, who reported upon work to the garage extension at no.2, Church Road, which is proceeding as expected.

A cheque was signed for £86 for the repair of the street light and Tony Talby reported that £250 had been received from the recycling contractors and £2,750 precept.
This leaves £6,468 in the current account and £13,612 on deposit, a total of £20,080, which is a gratifying amount given the expenses of last year. The audit of the last year’s accounts has been received back with approval. Tony Talby noted that there is not now any cost to the Council for this service. The budget for 2014/15 was presented and the precept of £5,500 for the year approved, although in fact £5,837 had been received for 2013. An email has been received from South Norfolk Council and more information should be available for our next meeting in January.

Some damage which was discovered to the tiles on the roof of the bus shelter on the A140, and to a nearby tree, has been taken care of. Following discussions with the foreman of the Dun Cow site Paul Frost replaced tiles and it is now in order. However Paul Frost did report a lot of woodworm in the structure which will have to be monitored. As it was considered that the missing tiles may have been stolen Tony Talby will mention it to the police.
The bank at the side of the footpath between the corner of Church Road and the Dun Cow has become very overgrown and is impinging on the footpath. As it now needs drastic action it was proposed to contract Brian Lincoln to clear it. It will cost £10 an hour but there is no telling at this point how long it will take. A record of the time taken will ne given to the Council. This was approved and will be organised by Tony Talby.
On the matter of the proposed new storage shed, Tony Talby said that he had organised a clearing session to prepare an area for the erection of a 10′ x 12′ shed. He had prepared a drawing which was given to Graeme Johnson who will get a price for consideration. The church would not allow any trees to be removed but has allowed bushes to be cut back. So far £750 has been allowed for this from budget. To a query from Paul Frost about digging on church property it was reiterated that any work was subject to getting a faculty from church authorities.
From the chair, Janet Flower brought to Council’s attention a proposed Edith Cavell walking and cycling route which is due to be discussed at an open forum on Wednesday 13th November. It was suggested that someone might want to represent Swainsthorpe because of the connection of Edith Cavell’s father as rector to the workhouse in this village. Emails will be circulated about it.
A business plan from the Community Charity Trust regarding proposed subsequent works to the church to improve the facility for community functions, to include an extension, work to the north aisle and outside work to improve access. This would normally have been submitted in person by David Chapman, who could not attend this meeting. The Council has not had an opportunity to study the business plan in detail but it was agreed to write to the Charity Trust expressing agreement in principle. Council would also like to see figures broken down into the parts of the development, the north aisle, the extension and the outside works. There was also discussion of the importance of this last phase, with a pathway with a hard surface, to give better access for wheelchairs, pushchairs and for those with limited mobility. These points will be expressed in the letter.
District Councillor Laura Webster updated the meeting on pertinent activity at South Norfolk Council. This included the Wymondham Area Action Plan which is going through procedures, the awarding of the Pub of the Year trophy, and the on-going discussions about increased traffic on the A140 due to developments. On this last point there was more discussion of the Dun Cow reopening, now scheduled for January, and making the entrance and exit to the car park as safe as possible from the A140.
Laura Webster told Council that the South Norfolk Council had won the prestigious Transformation Challenge Award, together with the sum of £500,000, for their innovation in gaining savings from the sharing of services with other bodies.
Janet Flower asked Ms. Webster about the possibility of food waste recycling for our area, which she said may be considered.
Paul Frost asked County Councillor Colin Foulgar about the prohibition of heavy goods vehicles through Church Road. He said signs were being ignored but without actual evidence it is difficult to take action. Janet Flower brought up the problems at the Thickthorn Roundabout. Colin Foulgar admitted this work has been delayed but said that he had met with MP Richard Bacon and was now promised that it would be begun on January 20th, so as not to interfere with Christmas traffic. Janet Flower said even repainting would help but apparently the surface is prone to rub off. Councillor Foulgar said that there were plans to rebuild the whole junction and dual the road right into Norwich.
He also reported that the recent firemen’s dispute had had little effect and that, after all the wrangling, the proposed incinerator for North Norfolk would go ahead. He was also satisfied that a new broom was in place in the education department and there would be improvements.
From the chair, Councillors Foulgar and Webster were thanked for their attendance.
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday the 6th January at 7.30pm, at St. Peter’s church.

Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – Monday 2nd September 2013

Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Graeme Johnson;
Paul Frost; David Chapman; Glynis Frost

From County Councillor Colin Foulger, a new appointee, who could not attend this meeting but would like to be notified in future so that he can attend.

The minutes of the last meeting of the 8th July, having been posted and circulated, were passed, and signed by the chairperson.

Regarding flower tubs in the village, Janet Flower remarked that the one near David Chapman’s house, which she proposed to attend to last meeting had not been done, but she will make sure is done in future.
David Chapman reported a further delay in completion of the tower project, which is now hoped to be finished by the end of November.
Further to Janet Flower’s speaking to Doreen Holman about her work in the village, it seems that Mrs. Holman has had an accident, and Janet Flower has sent a card from the Parish Council to wish her well.
Tony Talby reported the electrical work in the kitchen has been completed but the street light has still not been attended to despite his speaking to electricians and South Norfolk District Council but he will continue to work on this.
Janet Flower enquired of Graeme Johnson about prices for sheds, but he needed more details, such as whether windows are required. It was agreed these were not and Paul Frost wanted to know about the strength of the floor, bearing in mind our requirements.
Also, whether it wouldn’t be more economical to consider a single, larger shed which could take both the new community facility equipment and the stuff that is at present in the old shed, which will need replacing soon. However, the constrictions of the available site and practicalities will have to be taken into consideration. David Chapman will have to look at the site. Graeme Johnson will get prices and drawings for three options of sizes and will liaise with Andy Haggith and Tony Talby and a site meeting will be arranged.
Janet Flower reported having sent an email to Mrs. Jean Wilson in response to her request for funds for the Partnership magazine. No reply has yet been forthcoming.
David Chapman updated the committee on the discussion with the vicar about what is allowed in the community facility.
A report was given by Paul Frost, who reported upon work to the garage extension at no.2, Church Road and on-going work at the Dun Cow. Much of this work seems to be started before planning permission is formally authorised, but otherwise the only possible problems seem to be removal of hedges which increases the traffic noise level experienced in Church Road and the extensive use of floodlighting to the car park and exterior. Graeme Johnson asked about an opening date but there has been no alteration stated to October. Janet Flower expressed surprise at PVC windows being allowed in a listed building.
Tony Talby reported that the grass cutting up to 1st October and subscriptions to the Norfolk Local Councils, of £103.33, and to the Norfolk Rural Community Council, of £20, had all been paid. He also wrote cheques for the Council Direct magazine, for £12 and £710 for the insurance, which were countersigned by the chairperson.
To a suggestion from Tony Talby it was agreed that the usual practice of updating Council on PIG activities be suspended as this is covered in other forums.



Graeme Johnson told councillors that he had been disgusted by the amount of dog fouling he saw while walking the footpaths around the village. This has been brought up several times in the past and options have been considered. David Chapman suggested contacting the responsible official at SNDC re the possibility of signage. Tony Talby pointed out that there are statutes forbidding owners leaving this mess. David Chapman agreed to follow up on signage warning of penalties.
Paul Frost asked about responsibility for trees at the side of footpaths and was told by David Chapman that it was the landowner. Paul Frost said that he had seen a tree that was in a very dangerous condition.
The chairperson wanted to express the thanks of Council to Steven Talby for all the work done in staining all the benches in the village and proposed a token payment of £25 for his efforts. However, considering the amount of work involved, plus watering of various plants, Council decided that £50 was more appropriate, together with a vote of thanks.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday the 4th November at 7.30pm, at St. Peter’s church.

Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – Monday 6th May 2013



The next meeting of the Swainsthorpe Parish Council will be on Monday the 6th May at 7.15pm followed by the Annual General Meeting at 8pm.