Planning Report – March 2011

  1. An extension is being constructed at “Edgefield” Church View, Swainsthorpe which, according to the builder, does not require planning permission as the size falls within allowable extensions not requiring planning permission.
  2. An application has been received for outline planning permission at 6, Church Close Swainsthorpe for the erection of a dwelling in the garden of the existing property. Whilst there are no objections in principle a covenant should be placed on any approvals stating that parking is not allowed in Church Close.
  3. Further information has been received regarding mineral extraction core strategy. Examination commenced on 7th February 2011. The core strategy will run until the end of 2026 and contains policies used for making decisions on minerals extraction and waste management planning applications and in the selection of the site specific allocations in Norfolk.
  4. Our earlier objections to mineral extraction on sites M79 and M80 has been rejected because objections were site specific and at present no specific sites have been allocated or proposed.