Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council – Meeting – 1st September 2014






Councilors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Graeme Johnson;

Paul Frost; David Chapman; Glynis Frost

County Councilor Colin Foulgar

Members of the public: Mr. and Mrs. Holman


 The minutes of the last meeting of the 7th July 2014, having been posted and circulated, were taken as read, passed, and signed by the chairperson.

From the chair, Janet Flower expressed the condolences of the council to John Pullinger upon the recent death of his wife Florence.


A report was given by Paul Frost.

There has been received an appeal by the owner of The Holdings against the rejection of his application for construction of a bungalow on his property.

The subject of the field adjacent to the Dun Cow/Sugar Beat, which has been acquired by owner of the pub, was raised. There is much concern about works which are taking place in the field, with many enquiries received from the local residents by various members of the Council. Councillor Tony Talby asked about the extent of the tarmacked area and Paul Frost said that an access road had been constructed with tarmac and a strip on two sides had been excavated and hard-core laid and been compacted down. Two phone conversations with South Norfolk Planning Department had established that they also had had calls about the matter but that no application for permission had been received. Planning permission would be needed for any work other than for agriculture on that land. The department had allowed a corner of it to be used for gas storage. Councillors, as well as Doreen Holman from the floor, reported high levels of concern within the village about both the present work and the possible future intentions of Mr Cruickshank with regard to this property, about which different rumours are circulating. South Norfolk Planning Department have during both conversations said that an enforcement officer would be sent and promised to call back with information but nothing has been heard. An email had also been sent to District Councillor Laura Webster asking for her help. The chairperson asked Paul Frost to get something in writing to South Norfolk and to report back.


Tony Talby reported an amount in the current account of £7,959 and in the deposit account of £13,617.

He proposed that, with regard to insurance, the Council sign up to a deal committing us until 2017, giving a reduction in premium for the year from £1014 to £963. This was unanimously carried.

There followed a discussion of the proposed additional notice board which was suggested for the green by the recycling area. The intention was to help include residents from that end of the village. However the price quoted, £600 + VAT from Admiral Signs was thought to be too much. There were also queries about the funding coming from the Council when it was a suggestion from the Project Ideas Group, but funds are available for this kind of thing that have not come from the precept.  Despite reservations, funding was agreed in principle. This will now be referred back to the PIG.

There has been a request from Shotesham village to help in funding a litter bin on the boundary of the parishes. Although permission to site the bin on the Swainsthorpe side was given, the Council will not be contributing.


County Councillor Colin Foulgar gave an account of developments from Norfolk County Council.

After much criticism of local schools there have been improvements and, despite still being below national average the measures now in place have been accepted as good.

The County is facing a considerable shortfall – £17.5 million – with central government funding continuing to be cut and no rate rises agreed, although certain councillors do want to put rates up. Councillor Foulgar also reported partnership with Lafarge to provide apprenticeships to local youngsters.


Paul Frost raised the issue of volunteers picking up litter in the village environs. He thought hi-vis jackets and litter pickers should be available. There is one picker available and Graeme Johnson offered to supply more when needed. Glyn Frost and Doreen Holman were thanked for the litter picking in the village.

Paul Frost also asked if the awaited copy of the electoral roll had been collected and whether it would be available to him as planning officer. Tony Talby said he had it but that it wasn’t available to any other member of the Council. At Paul Frost’s insistence he asked Councilor Foulgar to check whether anyone else could have the list.

Tony Talby said that a chair mover had been bought. He had also got a second quotation for the proposed new shed. A discussion followed but no decision was reached.

From the floor Mike Holman asked about the advertising of the dates of the meetings of the council to the residents of the village. Tony Talby reiterated the present arrangements, whereby the minutes of each meeting are posted on the noticeboard and include the date of the next meeting. Other methods of notification were discussed and David Chapman agreed to use his list of email addresses and circulate the date before each meeting.

Janet Flower concluded by saying that the Radio Norfolk Treasure Team had visited the village again and complimented her on the village green, and then closed the meeting.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday the 3rd November at 7.30pm, at St. Peter’s church.

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