Planning Report (May 2014 AGM) – Swainsthorpe Parish Council


There have been six planning projects dealt with this year:

1) Garage extension application at no. 2 Church Road.

2) A new bungalow application at “The Holdings” adjacent to the railway level crossing.

3) Various applications at the Dun Cow Public House on the A 140

4) An application for a restaurant, shop and car wash at Averill’s Garage site on the A140

5) Replacement of greenhouses with new general purpose cooling and packing building for mushrooms at Lodge Farm Nurseries.

6) Application for stables at 11 Briar Lane

1) The garage extension was completed without objections.

2) Application to build a bungalow at The Holdings

There were no objections to the bungalow from the three neighbouring properties, only
comments. Their comments were recorded and sent to South Norfolk.
The only concern I had was access to the property and parking so close to the level crossing, and I made this point to South Norfolk.

The Highways department have objected on the grounds that access to and from the site
would become dangerous so close to the level crossing due to the lack of turning space for
large vehicles requiring them to reverse on to Church Road.
3)Various applications at the Dun Cow Public House on the A 140

This is an application that pre-dates my appointment on the council so the initial enquires and discussions had already been dealt with by others. Various issues have arisen on this
project that were subject to retrospective planning approval, except two,

a) The boundary wall and fence.
b) The 7m. high lighting posts.
As yet no appeal is showing on the web site.
Generally the alterations consist of upgrading and repair, including adding a new entrance
lobby, altering the entrance from the North side of the building to the South side and
Three rooms have been converted to bed and breakfast rooms, with the top floor used for
the staff accommodation.




Numerous other smaller projects have been undertaken that needed to be done as part of the ongoing works.
The field to the rear of the Dun Cow has been annexed to the Dun Cow (previously
farm land).

Generally the work and construction is very pleasing to the eye and should be an
asset to the village



4) An application for a restaurant, shop and car wash at Averill’s Garage site on the A 140

Two meetings were held with the owners of the adjacent bungalow/cottage. Strong objections were raised on various grounds. There was then a special meeting of the Parish Council to agree our position on the matter.
The Council’s conclusions are recorded in the minutes of that meeting.
I forwarded all the Council’s concerns together with the concerns of the affected neighbours to South Norfolk Council.

South Norfolk’s web page shows a time extension for the planning decision has been



5) I received a letter of objections to the mushroom farm development from Mr Faulks of
No2 Brick Kiln Lane

I contacted the agent for the development with a list of his concerns and received an e-mail covering all the concerns which I copied to Mr. Faulks.


6) No action taken yet.

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