Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council – Monday 4th November 2013



Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Graeme Johnson;
Paul Frost; Glynis Frost

County Councillor Colin Foulger; District Councillor Laura Webster
Also one member of the public – Doreen Holman

The minutes of the last meeting, having been posted and circulated were taken as read, approved and signed.

Apologies were received from Councillor David Chapman.
Chairperson Janet Flower had received no further communication from the Partnership magazine.
The street light reported out at the last meeting has been repaired.
With regard to the dog fouling reported by Graeme Johnson at the last meeting, he has not noticed any more and Tony Talby told the Council he has obtained and put up signs at the corner of Church Close and the beginning of the footpath.

A report was given by Paul Frost, who reported upon work to the garage extension at no.2, Church Road, which is proceeding as expected.

A cheque was signed for £86 for the repair of the street light and Tony Talby reported that £250 had been received from the recycling contractors and £2,750 precept.
This leaves £6,468 in the current account and £13,612 on deposit, a total of £20,080, which is a gratifying amount given the expenses of last year. The audit of the last year’s accounts has been received back with approval. Tony Talby noted that there is not now any cost to the Council for this service. The budget for 2014/15 was presented and the precept of £5,500 for the year approved, although in fact £5,837 had been received for 2013. An email has been received from South Norfolk Council and more information should be available for our next meeting in January.

Some damage which was discovered to the tiles on the roof of the bus shelter on the A140, and to a nearby tree, has been taken care of. Following discussions with the foreman of the Dun Cow site Paul Frost replaced tiles and it is now in order. However Paul Frost did report a lot of woodworm in the structure which will have to be monitored. As it was considered that the missing tiles may have been stolen Tony Talby will mention it to the police.
The bank at the side of the footpath between the corner of Church Road and the Dun Cow has become very overgrown and is impinging on the footpath. As it now needs drastic action it was proposed to contract Brian Lincoln to clear it. It will cost £10 an hour but there is no telling at this point how long it will take. A record of the time taken will ne given to the Council. This was approved and will be organised by Tony Talby.
On the matter of the proposed new storage shed, Tony Talby said that he had organised a clearing session to prepare an area for the erection of a 10′ x 12′ shed. He had prepared a drawing which was given to Graeme Johnson who will get a price for consideration. The church would not allow any trees to be removed but has allowed bushes to be cut back. So far £750 has been allowed for this from budget. To a query from Paul Frost about digging on church property it was reiterated that any work was subject to getting a faculty from church authorities.
From the chair, Janet Flower brought to Council’s attention a proposed Edith Cavell walking and cycling route which is due to be discussed at an open forum on Wednesday 13th November. It was suggested that someone might want to represent Swainsthorpe because of the connection of Edith Cavell’s father as rector to the workhouse in this village. Emails will be circulated about it.
A business plan from the Community Charity Trust regarding proposed subsequent works to the church to improve the facility for community functions, to include an extension, work to the north aisle and outside work to improve access. This would normally have been submitted in person by David Chapman, who could not attend this meeting. The Council has not had an opportunity to study the business plan in detail but it was agreed to write to the Charity Trust expressing agreement in principle. Council would also like to see figures broken down into the parts of the development, the north aisle, the extension and the outside works. There was also discussion of the importance of this last phase, with a pathway with a hard surface, to give better access for wheelchairs, pushchairs and for those with limited mobility. These points will be expressed in the letter.
District Councillor Laura Webster updated the meeting on pertinent activity at South Norfolk Council. This included the Wymondham Area Action Plan which is going through procedures, the awarding of the Pub of the Year trophy, and the on-going discussions about increased traffic on the A140 due to developments. On this last point there was more discussion of the Dun Cow reopening, now scheduled for January, and making the entrance and exit to the car park as safe as possible from the A140.
Laura Webster told Council that the South Norfolk Council had won the prestigious Transformation Challenge Award, together with the sum of £500,000, for their innovation in gaining savings from the sharing of services with other bodies.
Janet Flower asked Ms. Webster about the possibility of food waste recycling for our area, which she said may be considered.
Paul Frost asked County Councillor Colin Foulgar about the prohibition of heavy goods vehicles through Church Road. He said signs were being ignored but without actual evidence it is difficult to take action. Janet Flower brought up the problems at the Thickthorn Roundabout. Colin Foulgar admitted this work has been delayed but said that he had met with MP Richard Bacon and was now promised that it would be begun on January 20th, so as not to interfere with Christmas traffic. Janet Flower said even repainting would help but apparently the surface is prone to rub off. Councillor Foulgar said that there were plans to rebuild the whole junction and dual the road right into Norwich.
He also reported that the recent firemen’s dispute had had little effect and that, after all the wrangling, the proposed incinerator for North Norfolk would go ahead. He was also satisfied that a new broom was in place in the education department and there would be improvements.
From the chair, Councillors Foulgar and Webster were thanked for their attendance.
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday the 6th January at 7.30pm, at St. Peter’s church.

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