Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – Monday 2nd September 2013

Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Graeme Johnson;
Paul Frost; David Chapman; Glynis Frost

From County Councillor Colin Foulger, a new appointee, who could not attend this meeting but would like to be notified in future so that he can attend.

The minutes of the last meeting of the 8th July, having been posted and circulated, were passed, and signed by the chairperson.

Regarding flower tubs in the village, Janet Flower remarked that the one near David Chapman’s house, which she proposed to attend to last meeting had not been done, but she will make sure is done in future.
David Chapman reported a further delay in completion of the tower project, which is now hoped to be finished by the end of November.
Further to Janet Flower’s speaking to Doreen Holman about her work in the village, it seems that Mrs. Holman has had an accident, and Janet Flower has sent a card from the Parish Council to wish her well.
Tony Talby reported the electrical work in the kitchen has been completed but the street light has still not been attended to despite his speaking to electricians and South Norfolk District Council but he will continue to work on this.
Janet Flower enquired of Graeme Johnson about prices for sheds, but he needed more details, such as whether windows are required. It was agreed these were not and Paul Frost wanted to know about the strength of the floor, bearing in mind our requirements.
Also, whether it wouldn’t be more economical to consider a single, larger shed which could take both the new community facility equipment and the stuff that is at present in the old shed, which will need replacing soon. However, the constrictions of the available site and practicalities will have to be taken into consideration. David Chapman will have to look at the site. Graeme Johnson will get prices and drawings for three options of sizes and will liaise with Andy Haggith and Tony Talby and a site meeting will be arranged.
Janet Flower reported having sent an email to Mrs. Jean Wilson in response to her request for funds for the Partnership magazine. No reply has yet been forthcoming.
David Chapman updated the committee on the discussion with the vicar about what is allowed in the community facility.
A report was given by Paul Frost, who reported upon work to the garage extension at no.2, Church Road and on-going work at the Dun Cow. Much of this work seems to be started before planning permission is formally authorised, but otherwise the only possible problems seem to be removal of hedges which increases the traffic noise level experienced in Church Road and the extensive use of floodlighting to the car park and exterior. Graeme Johnson asked about an opening date but there has been no alteration stated to October. Janet Flower expressed surprise at PVC windows being allowed in a listed building.
Tony Talby reported that the grass cutting up to 1st October and subscriptions to the Norfolk Local Councils, of £103.33, and to the Norfolk Rural Community Council, of £20, had all been paid. He also wrote cheques for the Council Direct magazine, for £12 and £710 for the insurance, which were countersigned by the chairperson.
To a suggestion from Tony Talby it was agreed that the usual practice of updating Council on PIG activities be suspended as this is covered in other forums.



Graeme Johnson told councillors that he had been disgusted by the amount of dog fouling he saw while walking the footpaths around the village. This has been brought up several times in the past and options have been considered. David Chapman suggested contacting the responsible official at SNDC re the possibility of signage. Tony Talby pointed out that there are statutes forbidding owners leaving this mess. David Chapman agreed to follow up on signage warning of penalties.
Paul Frost asked about responsibility for trees at the side of footpaths and was told by David Chapman that it was the landowner. Paul Frost said that he had seen a tree that was in a very dangerous condition.
The chairperson wanted to express the thanks of Council to Steven Talby for all the work done in staining all the benches in the village and proposed a token payment of £25 for his efforts. However, considering the amount of work involved, plus watering of various plants, Council decided that £50 was more appropriate, together with a vote of thanks.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday the 4th November at 7.30pm, at St. Peter’s church.

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