Minutes – AGM Swainsthorpe Parish Council – 19th May 2014


MONDAY 19th MAY 2014


Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Graeme Johnson;
Paul Frost; Glynis Frost; David Chapman
Two members of the public.


David Chapman proposed the reelection of Chairperson Janet Flower, which was seconded by Graeme Johnson and carried unanimously.


The chairperson began by welcoming Mr. and Mrs Holman, who expressed their disappointment that no other members of the public were present. There followed a discussion of the advertising of meetings, though past attempts to encourage attendance had never proved very successful.

The chairperson then gave her annual report (herewith appended)

Paul Frost gave the annual planning report (herewith appended)
There was discussion of the current situation at the Dun Cow, which is planned to be open soon, and the adherence to planning guidelines on that site.
Also, a new application which has just been received for stables at 11 Briar Lane, which Mrs Holman said had previously been turned down.
There was also related discussion of the use of bridle paths and private roads by motorbikes, about which there have been various complaints. Any complaints should be reported to the police, who have dealt with this in the past.





The accounts were presented by the Clerk, which had been approved by the Council at the earlier meeting.
Funds held have increased during the year due to reduced expenditure, but it was agreed that the precept should remain the same for the time being in light of the proposed second phase of work by the Charity Trust and possible applications by them for funding.

David Chapman gave a report on behalf of the Charity Trust. He began by saying that he
has stood down as chairman and that Robin Parkinson has now taken that position and that a new committee has been set up to review current and future requirements that may need funding, owing to the fact that funds are not available for an extension.
Janet Flower asked for confirmation of the time constraints and was assured that the present faculty for the present temporary arrangements does not expire until November 2016.


From the chair Janet Flower acknowledged a letter from Andy Haggith of the Parochial Church Council, thanking the Parish Council for the donation of £250 towards the Church Fabric Fund.
Janet Flower also offered to be responsible for planting around the village sign if the Parish Council will cover expenses, which was agreed with thanks. The subject of the corner of the main road was brought up but Janet Flower was not prepared to undertake this work.

From the floor Doreen Holman suggested a litter-picking session and Glynis Frost offered help. Tony Talby will also look into cutting back trees overgrowing the bus stop shelter. Further from the floor Mike Holman asked whether more could not be done to raise awareness in the village of the Council meetings, which are always poorly attended. However, efforts in the past have not been successful unless there was some particular issue that affected people.

Janet Flower raised the issue of the Partnership magazine. In future the minutes of the Parish Council meetings will be submitted for publication, as well as dates of future meetings.

The next meeting will be on July 7th at 7.30pm at St. Peter’s Community Hall.

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