Chairman’s Report (May 2014 AGM) – Swainsthorpe Parish Council


Presented at the AGM held on 19th May 2014
We have now come to the end of another year for the
Council and unlike last year we have had a full
compliment of meetings.

My thanks to Tony for continuing to act as Clerk to the
Council and also to Glynis for doing a splendid job with
the minutes.

We have two co-opted new Councillors in our team
Graham Johnson and Paul Frost who kindly agreed to be
our Planning Officer.

District Councillor Laura Webster has attended several of
our meetings this year and has kept us informed of
happenings at South Norfolk Council for which we say a
big thank you.

We have also had a visit on several occasions from
Norfolk County Councillor Colin Foulger who has given
us an update on the Incinerator project and informed us
of the proposed repair to the Thickthorn Roundabout and
other information.

The Council has once again looked into the speed limit
of the A140 and will look further into this once the Dun
Cow has been opened, and to see how the flow of traffic
from this site merges onto the A140. We will also review
the prospect of a light on the island opposite the bus
The Agricultural site on the ,140 is now a commercial
operation and they have now applied for planning
approval to increase the use of the site (more about this
in the planning report)

I am sure we will all be pleased when the Dun Cow is
open and we can see what is on offer. Mr Cruickshank
has certainly spent a lot of money on this project and we
hope it will be a success.

We have once again made a donation to Swainsthorpe
Church towards the fabric fund, and we have received a
letter from the Parochial Church Council acknowledging

Once again we have been asked to contribute to the cost
of the Partnership magazine, but after a lengthy
discussion with the councillors it was decided that owing
to the small amount of Swainsthorpe news we would not
be contributing and a letter was sent accordingly to
Newton Flotman PCC.

It was decided by the Council that a new and larger shed
be provided for storage as the old one is no longer big
enough and is in need of repair. Tony and Graham will
look into the size and cost and report back to council.

Dog Fouling has once again been brought to our notice
on footpaths around the village and as we have many
walkers using these routes we ask dog owners to be more
Responsible and clear up after their dogs. A new sign has
been provided by the council banning dogs on the
village green as this space is for the use of children to
play on.



It was good to see the pot holes on Church Road have
been repaired by the Rangers. I would also like to thank
the person or persons who have filled in the holes in
Briar Lane.

We had a visit from Corinne Boyce Chairman of the
Governors of Newton Flotman School who advised us
that she is retiring and a new governor has to be found to
replace her. She is hoping that someone from
Swainsthorpe would apply and they do not necessarily
have to have a child at the school. Details will be
advertised in the Partnership in due course.

Once again a successful fete was held on the village
green with proceeds to the Community project.

A Christmas coffee morning with craft for the children
was held in the Community centre, this was followed by
a Christmas party for the children all organised by the

The candlelit Carol service in the church was well
attended and we also had a choir in attendance, after the
service Mrs Kay Mills provided mulled wine and there
was also a lovely selection of mince pies.

It was a great treat to see the Christmas tree on the
village green again. And many thanks to those who
erected the tree and decorated it with all the lights. The
Christmas Eve carol service round the tree was excellent
and in spite of a cold evening was well attended. Hot
drinks and eats were provided by the PIGS. And we have
an early visit from Father Christmas who gave out sweets
to the children. A great start to Christmas.



Now that phase 1 of the Community Project is complete
it has been wonderful to make use of the facilities

The team of PIGS have done a splendid job and arranged
many events, a visit from Will Giles, Quiz night, Bingo
sessions and 2 excellent curry nights what comes next?
My sincere thanks to all who have helped to make these a
success. We also have a youth event and a Toddler group
Twice a month.

Thanks go to Eddie and Brian Lincoln for the excellent
work that they do in keeping the grass around the village
in good order.
To David Pownall for looking after the hedge around the
village green.

Thank you to Andy Haggith and his team for the work in
keeping our churchyard neat and tidy.

Thanks to Doreen Holman for looking after the bus
shelters for us and keeping them clean and tidy.

My sincere thanks to David Chapman for all his hard
work in completing Phase 1 of the Community Project. I
know it has been hard work and sometimes frustrating
but the end project Is excellent, thanks also to those who
assisted him.

It has been good to see the start up of the Painting club
by Derek Harvey for whom we thank and look forward to
seeing the results in a future Art Exhibition.

Thank you Steven Talby for cleaning and painting all the
seats round the village, and all the other help you give.

Sincere thanks to all the residents both old and new who
have helped with the events and supported us throughout
the year and we look forward to your continued support
in the coming year.

Thanks to all my councillors for your support throughout
the past year, and hope for your support in the future.

Last but not least my sincere thanks to Tony for all his
help and assistance to me over the years and continuing
as clerk to the council and I am sure we all appreciate his
work on our behalf.

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