Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council – 6th May 2013




MONDAY 6th MAY 2013



Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk);                              

David Chapman; Glynis Frost

Paul Frost also present.


A letter has been received from Doreen Holman resigning from the Parish Council forthwith. She offered to continue to take care of the bus shelters. Thanks were expressed from the chair for all her good work.


The minutes of the last meeting of the 4th March 2013 having been posted and circulated were corrected, passed, and signed by the chairperson.


Further to discussions at the last meeting, it was noted that potholes had been filled in and that the lawnmower and strimmer had been repaired


Clr. Tony Talby presented the Planning Report in the absence of a planning officer.

The continuing progress of works at the Dun Cow was discussed, there having been more consultations with the neighbours Tony Roffe and Mr. and Mrs. Yaxley and Councillor David Chapman. No concerns have been raised with the development, other than opening hours. This was put to Mr. Criuckshank, who gave assurances that this would not be a problem.


Tony Talby presented the accounts for the year. The VAT refund had been claimed, which is done biannually, and the main expenditure for the year had been the Community Project. Janet Flower enquired whether the petty cash arrangement was satisfactory, and was pleased to note that the insurance premiums had gone down, thanks to Tony Talby. The audited accounts were signed off by Chair Janet Flower and Clerk Tony Talby. The accounts now have to go for official audit, which was duly authorised by Council and the forms were signed by the chairperson and clerk.

Notification of the precept has been received together with a Council Tax Support Grant of £337.00


David Chapman reported that, the project having been completed, the Charity Trust and PCC were working to ensure the facility is well used and covering running costs. So far results are good everyone is doing well with regular bookings and events scheduled.

Janet Flower asked about the church tower project and was told this would be completed by June or July.

Tony Talby said that the Saffron grant had paid for an oven microwave and kettle and that the Charity has also bought crockery in the amount of £350 and an urn.


Chairperson Janet Flower told the meeting that the Parish Council is now three members short after the announced resignation and two members of the village had put their names forward to the Council. Paul Frost and Graham Johnson were both co-opted into the Council and Paul Frost agreed to take on the post of Planning Officer. Janet Flower had spoken to Richard Faulk, a previous councillor to see if he would be prepared to return, but at the present time he has other commitments. Graham Johnson will be advised on his co-option to the Council.

Paul Frost raised the issue of unsightly graffiti on buildings by the level crossing. David Chapman will look into it.

Janet Flower offered to take charge of purchasing and planting flowers for containers in the village and also the container on the main A140 road.

 Tony Talby asked for a rough estimate of the amount and it was agreed that anything up to £100 may be spent. Thanks were expressed to Janet Flower for doing this for the village.


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday the 8th July at 7.30pm.

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