Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – 28th January 2013






Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Doreen Holman;                      David Chapman; Glynis Frost.

Four members of the public also present.


The minutes of the last meeting of the 12th December 2012 having been posted and circulated were taken as read, passed and signed by the chairperson.


Janet Flower enquired of David Chapman about the status of the final grant for the Community Project from Saffron and also whether he had made any progress with volunteers for the inspection of the children’s play area. He will raise this at the next meeting of the Charity Trust.

Doreen Holman followed up on last month’s discussion about parking on Church Road but there have been no further incidents reported.


Clr. Tony Talby presented the Planning Report in the absence of a planning officer.

The request for planning permission from the Sheldrakes’ farm for the installation of 216 photovoltaic panels has been approved.


The finance report was given by Tony Talby.

The Current account balance was given as £2,690 and the deposit account as £ 13,607

On the matter of the broken lawnmower, a new gear box, set for only one gear, could be installed for roughly £250. Janet Flower asked the price of a new machine which was estimated at between £850 and £1,050, and it was agreed that a new gear box was the way to go.

Tony Talby proposed renewing the contract with Brian Lincoln for grasscutting on common areas which may increase slightly from the £560 being paid at present but the suggestion was carried unanimously.


Janet Flower read a letter received from the Community Charity Trust upon the completion of phase one of the project, thanking the Parish Council for all their support. She in turn thanked David Chapman for a job well done.

Tony Talby reported that he had banked the cheque for the final grant of £10,000.

There was an enquiry about the status of work on the church tower, which was reported to be temporarily halted.


The next event will be a valuation day on the 20th April with valuers from T W Glaze. Items brought in by the public will be valued for a donation of £2 for one item or £5 for 3. There will also be a church event for Easter.


Janet Flower reported more complaints about dog fouling on the paths and will place an advert in the Partnership magazine asking that people clean up after their dogs. She also said, apropos of the magazine, that she has had numerous requests from the publishers for a contribution towards the costs of production. A general discussion followed about the value of a printed magazine versus other media of communication. The consensus was that the more important thing was David Chapman’s emails which he regularly circulates about anything of importance to our village. He agreed to try to expand the list to include as many households in Swainsthorpe as possible. In the light of this the answer to the requests from Partnership will be regretfully no.

David Chapman told the committee about a communication received from Terry Bain asking whether we would be interested in participating in the Britain in Bloom competition. However it was decided to reply that this was too short notice.

There was a question from the floor about the dogs which are kept in the yard by the railway line and whether there have been complaints about the noise. The answer was probably there had been and it was believed they had had a visit from the police. However there don’t seem to be any animal welfare issues.

Also raised from the floor was an issue about the use of the recycling bottle bank. People are leaving bags full of bottles beside the container which then have to be emptied and tops removed. It was agreed that it had been full since Christmas but that an advert would be placed in the Partnership and Glynis Frost undertook to put up a sign on the site.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday the 4th March.

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