Report to the Parish Council – Community Facility Project – 12th December 2012




I would like, firstly, to update you on a couple of construction issues I spoke about in my last report.

The sewer was eventually linked up to 23, Church Road and an Easement from Saffron Homes, the owners of 23, Church Road, was secured.  We also shared the water connection with Mr Black, who was building the new house opposite the village notice board, and these two connections saved us a great deal of money. We also received approvals and a Faculty to run the sewer and water pipes across the graveyard and further approval for the new location for the temporary outside toilet.

The Community Facility Project was completed on time and within budget subject to the final account being rendered by the contractor.

The total cost of the project, including professional fees, will be £75,000 and the Charity Trust were successful in raising just over £75,000 from private donations and grant aid.

The Charity Trust is grateful to the Parish Council for funding the Sound System at a cost of £2,755.80 and for agreeing to be the Third Party Contributor paying Lafarge £2,729.50 to guarantee our grant of £25,000. The Parish Council also funded, in 2011, a survey report at a cost of £352.50 making a total contribution of £5,837.80. Whilst this was well below the £8,000 the Council kindly agreed to underwrite towards the project, the Charity Trust is extremely grateful for the Council’s support.

Two events have already been held in the Community Facility. The Celebration Evening was a great success with well over 60 residents attending. The special “Thank You” service, held last Sunday, attracted over 70 people.

Future events include the Coffee Morning and Children’s Crafts being held this Saturday from 10.30am until noon and the Carols Round the Christmas Tree being held on the village green at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

The PIGs are working hard to organise good events throughout the year to raise money to ensure that we can keep on top of the running costs of the Community Facility.

David Chapman


Swainsthorpe Community Charity Trust

12th December 2012

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