Report to the Parish Council – Community Facility Project – 2nd July 2012




The Swainsthorpe Community Charity Trust now has pledged funding for the community facility project of £77,500 against a cost of £78,629 making a shortfall of £1,129. If we are able to hold the building costs to the figure quoted we may not have to draw down the full £8,000 the Parish Council has agreed to underwrite.

The costs have been reduced because savings have been made on the sewer and mains water connections. We are hoping to link up to the sewer of 23 Church Road, the first Council House (owned by Saffron) near the main entrance to the Church. We are also hoping to share the water connection cost with Mr Black the builder constructing the new house in front of the Church. We are now awaiting the approvals and providing the DAC allow the pipe runs to be re-routed across the church yard and Saffron agree to the sewer connection to 23 Church Road and South Norfolk are happy that we can trench across common land, we are hopeful that work will commence next week commencing 9 July 2012 with completion in October 2012.

The chairs have been selected for the Community Facility and after consultation with members of the public and the PIGs group, the PCC and Charity Trust met to discuss all the views expressed and decided to make an initial purchase of 60 chairs, 30 of which would be metal and 30 wooden. There would be an option to purchase a further 20 chairs if there were to be a need following an experimental lay out of the initial 60 purchased. Consideration is also being given to purchasing a few tables and a small quantity of all purpose stackable chairs. We have a budget of £7,500 being the grant given to the PCC by the Bishop’s Council for this purpose.

All the pews have now been sold and those who ordered will be notified when they will be removed from the Church which could be within the next 2/3 weeks.

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