Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – 30th April 2012

MONDAY 30th APRIL 2012

Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Doreen Holman;
Jim Palframan; David Chapman; Glynis Frost.
One member of the public present.

The minutes of the last meeting of the 2nd March 2012 having been posted and circulated were taken as read, passed and signed by the chairperson.

The Planning Report (herewith appended) was given by Councillor Jim Palframan.
With regard to point 2, David Chapman said he has had concerns raised to him about the problem of the parked cars opposite the recycling area. Tony Talby has also had reports of at least half a dozen cars there but that there didn’t seem to be any alternative. Janet Flower asked if there was any problem with access for the lorries which collect recycled materials but it seems this is not the case. Tony Talby will consult further with Nick Chandler, the nearest neighbour to 58 Church Close.
Referring to the planning applications for 6 Briar Lane, Doreen Holman said she had written to the planning department expressing her concerns about the proposed extension, which is next to her property, being two storeys, as adjoining properties are single storey. No response has been had from South Norfolk Council.
The final item concerned two oak trees which had been reported as possibly in a dangerous condition. Jim Palframan said he had removed some of the ivy from one tree which now appears to be safe. Tony Talby said he had spoken to Ann Crotty, the Arboculture Officer at the Environment, Transport and Development Department however Jim Palframan did not think immediate action would be necessary.

The accounts were presented by the Clerk Tony Talby and a motion to approve was proposed by David Chapman, seconded by Jim Palframan and carried unanimously.
Tony Talby noted that there was a notice on the board about a road closure. The play equipment on the village green has been inspected as per regulation. He also mentioned that South Norfolk Council was looking for a venue for elections in November which might be held in the newly refurbished church.

Chairperson Janet Flower made mention of three letters received from the Community Charity Trust. The first was a request to the Parish Council to underwrite an amount of £8,000 towards the Community Facility Project, in addition to the £5,000 already allocated. David Chapman explained that, although a final grant of £12,000 was still outstanding, a guarantee from the Council would prevent any delay in getting everything finalised ready for work to start. Tony Talby said that he had identified a surplus of approximately £9,000 in Council funds which could be allocated in extremis. However, David Chapman was confident that, in this worst case scenario of not receiving the grant, savings could be made and indeed he was already in negotiations with the builder about certain items. Tony Talby agreed that, with other funding and incomes becoming available, this would not be a problem and the proposal was put by Jim Palframan that the Council should underwrite the amount. It was seconded by Doreen Holman and unanimously carried.
The second letter was asking the Parish Council for an upkeep donation each year as the charity will be, once the work has been carried out, taking over partial responsibility for some of the maintenance expenditure, including grass cutting, electricity and insurance. It is also necessary to agree how funds from the money-raising events in the church will be allocated. It was agreed that this will all need to be finalised once the refurbishment is completed but that the charity cannot be allowed to run a deficit. It was agreed that there will be an annual meeting to reconcile funds between the two bodies.
The third letter was thanking the Council for their donation to the fabric fund for maintenance.

Tony Talby reported that an invoice had been received for marker pens for the notice boards in the amount of £17, which will be paid through petty cash.

The next Parish Council meeting will be on the 2nd July at 7.30pm and will be held in the church porch because of the work in the church.

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