Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – 2nd July 2012



MONDAY 2nd JULY 2012



Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); Doreen Holman;                      David Chapman; Glynis Frost.

One member of the public present.



Apologies were received from Councillor Jim Palframan.



Before the meeting proceeded the chairperson said how sorry we were to learn of the death of Mrs Jean Palframan and the councillors sent their deepest sympathy to Councillor Jim Palframan and family.

The chairperson also offered her congratulations to Councillor Doreen Holman on receiving the Order of Mercy award for her voluntary work, which was presented to her at the Mansion House in London. This was endorsed by all the Councillors.



The minutes of the last meeting of the 30th April 2012 having been posted and circulated were taken as read, passed and signed by the chairperson.



Councillor Tony Talby reported that the occupant of 58 Church Road felt aggrieved that the parking situation near her premises had been spoken of as a problem at the last meeting.  Since there is no alternative and there seems to be no problem with access arising no action is considered necessary.

Chairperson Janet Flower raised the issue of the planning application for 6 Briar Lane, to which Tony Talby responded that the application had been turned down as being too substantial a structure so close to the property boundary. Doreen Holman reiterated that she had made a statement to the planning committee, not actually raised an objection, but the decision had general approval.

Tony Talby followed up on the discussion of the two oak trees near the recycling site, which had been brought up as possibly in need of attention. They are not considered dangerous at this time and felling would in any case be very expensive given their situation, thus no action will be taken for now. The relevant authority will be informed.

Janet Flower said that the South Norfolk Council was still looking for a venue for elections in November and that the church might be considered if reopened in time. However Doreen Holman has already had discussions with South Norfolk Council as the church cannot be named for this unless there is a guarantee of availability.



The minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the 30th April 2012 having been posted and circulated were taken as read, approved and signed.



Due to the absence of Jim Palframan the Planning Report will be given at the next meeting.



Tony Talby gave the Council the figures for the accounts held, being £13,604 plus £3,000 in the current account. He reported three cheques issued for small amounts and some sums which had been taken from the petty cash, the balance of which was being maintained at £150. In future a balance of £100 only will be kept and that adjustment will reflect in the bank account.  A cheque for £334 has been received as refund of VAT on council expenditure.  The precept of £2,750 has also been received and the insurance has been renewed for a 3 year period at a considerable saving. South Norfolk Council has also signed off on £250 for recycling.


Councillor David Chapman presented his report to the Council (herewith appended)

The discussion of chairs to be purchased also brought up the decision about retaining the old chairs for outdoor or children’s activities. The issue will be one of storage and the discussion went on to the space available in the shed. There was a contribution from the floor (Mr. Paul Frost) to the effect that the existing shed would be looked at forthwith to see if it could be repaired, there being no money available at the moment to buy new.



It was agreed that there should be a celebratory event to mark the reopening of the church as a community hall which will be further discussed when we have a definite finishing date. The Village Fete/Scarecrow Trail is still scheduled for September but the Antiques Valuation Day will now take place next year. The Christmas celebrations, traditionally a children’s activity and coffee morning and the carols around the tree on the green will hopefully go ahead as planned. There was a query from the floor about the necessity of CRB checks for people involved with children’s activities and the relevance of that will be looked into.



Councillor Glynis Frost asked about the repainting work done on the milestone on the corner of Church Road as the paint is peeling off already. Doreen Holman will speak to the person involved.

Tony Talby said that an email he had received about war memorials will be passed on to Andy Haggith.

Doreen Holman asked David Chapman about the start date for the work in the church being deferred and enquired whether we could still hold the builder to the completion date. The reply was that the contract is not actually signed yet as there are still things to be finalised.

It was agreed that the date of the next meeting will be decided at a later stage when we have a finish date for the project. It is still hoped to be able to publicise it in advance in the parish magazine and on the notice board.

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