Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – 5th March 2012






Councillors: Janet Flower (Chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk);

Jim Palframan; David Chapman; Glynis Frost.



Apologies were received from Councillor Doreen Holman



The minutes of the last meeting of the 9th January 2012 having been posted and circulated were taken as read, passed and signed by the chairperson.



The issue of collections from the recycling bins was discussed and it seems is resolved. Tony Talby reported on the matter of electronic speed signs for the village, for which there seems to be no immediate prospect of funding. A speed “gun” would be an alternative but it is doubtful if there would be sufficient volunteers to operate it.



The Planning Report (herewith appended) was given by Councillor Jim Palframan. With reference to point one he said the conditions published related to archaeological matters, as well as parking restrictions and access being in place. Referring to point two he mentioned that the levy was something like £115 per sq. m. but that this money did not come to local level.

The consultation referred to in point three, regarding the Local Development Framework, finishes on the 16th March, but it was agreed that everything this council could do has been done and we await the outcome.



Councillor Tony Talby reported that the hedge cutting previously requested had been done and that an invoice from Mr. Pownall for £ 70 would now be paid.

On the matter of payments to the church for the use of the building by the Parish Council, a regular payment of £100 would be made and, in addition, a donation of £250 to church funds was suggested and approved.



Councillor David Chapman presented his report (herewith appended) to the council, and brought up a matter appertaining to the funding.

Councilor David Chapman explained that if we were successful with our grant applications to Lafarge (Landfill Communities Fund) and Biffa (Landfill Building Communities Award) both would seek a Third Party Contributor nominated by the Swainsthorpe Community Charity Trust. He suggested that the Parish Council be the Third Party Contributor.

A Third Party Contributor is required because under the Landfill Communities Fund regulations, only 90% of a grant can be paid by Biffa using landfill tax credits. Therefore we need to find someone (an individual or another organisation) who is willing to contribute the remaining 10%. The 10% is then paid to Biffa Waste Services, which allows Biffa to release 100% of the grant to the Charity Trust. Third Party Contributors are completely separate from match funding.

Biffa’s money comes from landfill tax credits, reclaimed from the Government through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). The LCF regulator, ENTRUST, ensures that landfill tax credits are awarded and managed according to the Governments regulations. To be able to be awarded, and receive landfill tax credits, applicant organisations must enroll with ENTRUST as an Enrolled Body (EB). A small administration fee of 2% of gross amount claimed is payable by the Charity Trust.

In the case of Lafarge, where we have applied for a £25,510 grant, the calculations are as follows:

Our application must include the Entrust Fee of 2% so we have applied for £25,510 so therefore the third party amount is equal to 10% of the gross amount requested i.e. £2,510.

In the case of Biffa, where we have applied for a £30,612 grant, the calculations are as follows:

Our application must include the Entrust Fee of 2% so we have applied for £30,612 so therefore the third party amount is equal to 10% of the gross amount requested i.e. £3,061.

In each submission, where I am required to list each offer of grant aid, I have reduced the amount offered by the Parish Council by the amount of the Third Party contribution i.e. Lafarge £2500 and Biffa £2,000 so that the Parish Council keep within the £5,000 budget amount set aside for the Community Facility Project.

Councilor David Chapman proposed that the Third Party Contributor be the Parish Council who has already set aside £5,000 towards the Community Facility Project. Seconded by Clr Tony Talby carried unanimously.

On the topic of up-coming events Janet Flower mentioned that she had not heard any more about the proposed “valuation day” event and said she would follow up on it.


Chairperson Janet Flower told the committee that an offer had been received from Margaret Robbins of a Kangaroo Trampoline for the playground. It was generally agreed that this might present health and safety issues and should therefore be declined.

Councillor Tony Talby reported  a call from Martin Bennett referring to the speed limit on the A140, which he felt should be reduced to 40mph. While it was agreed that it would be a good idea, the practicality of such a limit being introduced was doubted. David Chapman suggested writing to the Highways Department. Tony Talby said he would speak further with Mr. Bennett.

The next village event will be the Easter Egg Hunt and Coffee Morning on the 31st March.

In light of the proposed closure of the church and other considerations the next Parish Council meeting and the Annual General Meeting are scheduled for the 30th April 2012 at 7:45 and 8:15 respectively, at St. Peter’s Church

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