Report to the Parish Council – Community Facility Project – 9th January 2012




Tenders from four contractors for the tower works and community facility works have been considered by our architect and the PCC and the lowest tender was submitted by Stephen Capper who specializes in Church restoration work. The architect recommended that Stephen Capper be appointed as the main contractor and English Heritage have been advised. He was subsequently appointed subject to our reaching our funding targets.


The architect is taking advice on whether the community facility project can be classified as “new works” and be exempt from VAT. This could show a saving of roughly £7,000 on the revised project cost of £79,575 (which is based on the tender price plus 20% VAT). I have also asked the architect to query Stephen Capper’s quoted prices for the matching floor tiles and the new north door. Both, in my view, are overpriced when compared with the same items in other tenders.


Our fund raising figures show that we have received offers of grant aid totaling £46,500 with three outstanding applications totaling £33,000. If we are successful with the outstanding applications we will hit our target income for the project. However, much depends upon our recent application to Lafarge who operate the quarry near Mangreen. They do support local, to their quarry sites, community projects and we have applied for a £25,000 grant. Thanks to Jim Palframan for this lead.


Providing all offers of funding are received by early April we will still be on target to start work on both the Church tower and the community facility in May this year and complete both by December.


A Faculty has been granted for the Tower Works and a Certificate of Recommendation issued for the community facility project. The required notices have been posted announcing the proposed alterations to the Church including the removal of the pews. The local community has been kept informed through a recent door drop. An article will also appear in the next issue of “Partnership”. There has been no adverse comment so far and the community has until early February to express their views. We then submit the necessary documents to the Diocesan Registrar and after consideration by the Chancellor a Faculty for the community facility works should be issued and, subject to funding, we can then authorize the work to go ahead.


Village activities continued during December with Janet’s Christmas Coffee Morning and Children’s Craft Event on Saturday 17th December raising money for Church funds. The Carols round the village Christmas tree event on Christmas Eve raised £250 for the community facility project.


The PIG group meets next Monday to discuss and organise events for this year and we remain very grateful to all members of the group for their hard work in maintaining a steady flow of events and funds for the community facility project.



David Chapman

9th January 2012

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