Minutes – Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – 9th January 2012






Councillors: Janet Flower (chairperson); David Chapman; Doreen Holman;

Jim Palframan; Glynis Frost.

Also one member of the public.



Apologies were received from Councillor Tony Talby



The minutes of the last meeting of the 7th November having been posted and circulated were taken as read, passed and signed by the chairperson.



The matter of the recycling bins was brought up. They now seem to be being emptied on a regular basis.

The chairperson reported cheques for the two donations agreed at the last meeting had been issued.



Jim Palframan presented his planning report (herewith appended) and reported on his meeting with Lafarge Aggregates at their Mangreen extraction site. He was completely satisfied with the restoration of the first phases done to date and the company in general. He also mentioned the funding which the company makes available for local community projects, for which our Community Trust has already made an application. Lafarge is about to make application for phase 5 of the operation and there will be a presentation for the information of local people.



Jan Flower reported that a cheque for £118.07 has been issued for the repair of the street light.

With regard to the proposed speed signs, we are still awaiting a response from the County Council.



Councillor David Chapman presented his report on the project (herewith appended)

There was discussion of the implications of the possible exemption from  VAT payable on the Community Facility Project Works. Jim Palframan wanted to clarify that there would be no unforeseen bill for VAT at a later stage if the project was declared to be liable for VAT, and he asked “who actually makes that decision?” David Chapman said that the architect and the builder were investigating, under his instructions, to determine whether all or part of the Community Facility Works could be classified as “new works” and be exempt from VAT. Ultimately the builder is responsible for seeking these assurances from the Inland Revenue and we will be provided with a special form, which will give proof of these assurances, from the VAT office.

All costs relative to the Community Facility Project do include VAT and all applications for grant aid have been submitted on the basis that we will be liable for VAT. There was a contribution from the floor (Mr. Massey) to say that even if an invoice is paid as billed, were VAT to be considered underpaid at any time in the future it can be recoverable.

There were also queries raised about the estimated completion time now being extended to December. David Chapman said that this was the contractor’s estimate as he is very busy but that he (David) was going to take the matter up and push hard for completion by October 2012.

Further to the discussion of funding we had a report from Jan Flower of the total collected from events last year, being £503.60, including £200 from the sale of Christmas cards, £250 collected at the carol singing and 53.60 from the Royal Wedding Party.



Jan Flower made mention of the next up-coming village event which is the Easter Egg Hunt on the 31st March.

Mr. Massey from the floor wanted to express his family’s regret for not attending the carol singing but to congratulate the committee on how wonderful the Christmas tree looked. He said it had been much commented upon. The Council provided extra lights this year.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on the 5th March at 8pm at St. Peter’s Church.

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