Minutes (Draft) – Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – 7th November 2011






Councillors:  Janet Flower(chairperson); Tony Talby (Clerk); David Chapman; Doreen Holman; Jim Palframan;  Glynis Frost

Also present: District Councillor Laura Webster and members of the public.



The minutes of the last meeting of the 5th September 2011 having been posted and circulated were taken as read and signed by the chairperson.


The subject of the repainting of the milestone at the end of Church Road was brought up by David Chapman and discussed, in particular the blank face on one side, but it was agreed that this was as should be. The invoice from Nigel Ford for the work, in the amount of £80, was approved and a cheque will be issued.

The chairperson enquired about the road repairs previously discussed, which have not been done. The condition of the surface is deteriorating. Tony Talby reported various unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with the Rangers and asked District Councillor Laura Webster for a telephone number to call. She promised to provide one.

Tony Talby raised the issue of the recycling station,  which has again been left overflowing with bottles. Emails have been exchanged with the relevant people, who seem to need reminders. A second bottle bank was mooted but not decided upon.

Tony Talby reported further research into the automatic speed signs which were previously discussed. His discussion with the manufacturers encouraged him to think that they may be affordable but he also discovered that they must actually be approved and installed by Norfolk County Council. If this were the case the village would need to find only the cost of the maintenance contract, which may have to be for two signs for a total of £2,000 for 10 years. Jim Palframan said that this seemed a bargain and it was generally agreed. Tony Talby asked if he should contact Timothy Young about it and that was agreed. He will report back to council.

Jan Flower mentioned an email received from Norfolk County Council with the offer of certain grant funds which can be applied for. This will be considered.


There having been much interest of late about the sites in the village which have been proposed for development, Jim Palframan gave the council a progress report (herewith appended)

Interested parties were encouraged to make objections known to South Norfolk Council before the deadline of 18th November.

Jim Palframan also outlined the proposed infrastructure levies on developers, which might raise quite considerable sums. District Councillor Laura Webster was asked if these would find their way to the parish council level in the event of local development but this could not be confirmed.

The informed opinion of Jim Palframan is that there would be no more than some in-fill development in the village. Decisions will be made public in the spring of next year by South Norfolk Council.

The discussion was opened to members of the public. The main concern seems to be the considerable increase in road traffic in the event of development being allowed. A copy of the appeal which was successfully made against these developments in 1991 was given by Tony Talby to Jim Palframan for information.

Although it was accepted that this council had done everything it could, Jim Palframan did offer to try to arrange a meeting with the planning department before the deadline.

Tony Talby also mentioned a meeting in Swardeston about the proposed extension of mineral extraction there to which he had been invited. Jim Palframan offered to join Tony or go instead if he wished, which was greeted with thanks.


The Budget was presented by Tony Talby, saying he saw no need to increase the precept for next year, and going through various items that had changed from previous years. The increase in payment for grass and hedge cutting was thought fair and the reduction in insurance cost noted with approbation. Tony Talby mentioned the change in rules about the need for auditing and that the donation to the church for use should be £250 not 200. He noted that the amount of funds held seems large but that £5,000 has been earmarked for the Community Project and that we may need £2,000 for the speed signs. The deposit account stands at £14,098 and the current account at £2,172.

The contract for the hedge-cutting was approved and Tony Talby to ask David Pownall to carry out this work. The chairperson advised that one of the street lights is out near the level crossing and Tony will contact the necessary people to repair it.



David Chapman gave the Council a report on the progress of the Community Facility Project for the church (herewith appended) He mentioned the continuing fundraising activities, which include the Christmas Coffee Morning and Children’s Craft Event on Saturday 17th December – 10.30am -12.30pm and the Carols Around the Tree village green event on Christmas Eve at 6pm. An extra set of lights for the tree are to be provided by the Parish Council.


Laura Webster gave a short report, which she will let the Council have in writing.

David Chapman mentioned possible problems arising from developments at Newton Flotman about which Laura Webster said the South Norfolk Council department is aware and that she is bearing these in mind.

Jan Flower mentioned the proposed government boundary changes but was told they do not affect us directly.


Jan Flower reported a letter from the Accident Rescue Service asking for a donation. The medics provide this service without remuneration and an amount of £25 was agreed. Additionally the Air Ambulance Service, which also relies on donations, would be sent a similar amount.


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