Report to the Parish Council Meeting 5th September 2011 – Community Facility Project



The specification and plans for the refurbishing of the Church to provide a community facility for the village have been drawn up by the Architect.

The key elements are:
To remove the pews and platforms and infill the exposed voids including the old boiler room under the central aisle. Level and tile the floor to match existing. Excavate and lay a mains water supply and mains sewer to the Church from Church Road. Install a kitchen unit, water heater and cupboards in the northwest corner of the north aisle and connect to mains water and sewer. Provide and connect to the main sewer a temporary portable toilet complete with running hot and cold water. This will be located externally against the north wall. Fit an external north door which will provide access to the external toilet and also act as a fire door. Provide 80 new stackable comfortable chairs which will replace the pews. Replace the existing radiant down heaters with new more efficient models and install a sound loop system for the hard of hearing.

The plan and specification for phase 1 assumes that the extension to the north aisle will go ahead at some time in the future and all pipe runs have been planned with this in mind.

The total cost of phase 1 is estimated at £76,750 and we currently have secured funding of £22,000 with a further five applications awaiting a decision. I have previously reported that the project will cost around £50,000 which did not include connecting the Church to mains water and sewer and the connection of the Portable Toilet. It was felt that these costs should be included in the 5 new applications we have made for funding.

The next stage is to apply to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for a Certificate of Recommendation for the plans and specification and a Faculty for the work to proceed. The application will go in this month.

If we are successful in raising the necessary funding the idea is to have the refurbishing work undertaken at the same time as the Tower Works which could be early next year.

Village fundraising activities continue through the PIGs Group (the Project Ideas Group) with the Art Exhibition, Flower Festival and Scarecrow Trail taking place over this coming weekend the 10th & 11th September with money raised going to the Charity Trust Community Facility Fund.

David Chapman
5th September 2011

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