October 2011

Planning Report – 5th September 2011 – Parish Council

Planning Report sept110001

Report to the Parish Council Meeting 5th September 2011 – Community Facility Project



The specification and plans for the refurbishing of the Church to provide a community facility for the village have been drawn up by the Architect.

The key elements are:
To remove the pews and platforms and infill the exposed voids including the old boiler room under the central aisle. Level and tile the floor to match existing. Excavate and lay a mains water supply and mains sewer to the Church from Church Road. Install a kitchen unit, water heater and cupboards in the northwest corner of the north aisle and connect to mains water and sewer. Provide and connect to the main sewer a temporary portable toilet complete with running hot and cold water. This will be located externally against the north wall. Fit an external north door which will provide access to the external toilet and also act as a fire door. Provide 80 new stackable comfortable chairs which will replace the pews. Replace the existing radiant down heaters with new more efficient models and install a sound loop system for the hard of hearing.

The plan and specification for phase 1 assumes that the extension to the north aisle will go ahead at some time in the future and all pipe runs have been planned with this in mind.

The total cost of phase 1 is estimated at £76,750 and we currently have secured funding of £22,000 with a further five applications awaiting a decision. I have previously reported that the project will cost around £50,000 which did not include connecting the Church to mains water and sewer and the connection of the Portable Toilet. It was felt that these costs should be included in the 5 new applications we have made for funding.

The next stage is to apply to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for a Certificate of Recommendation for the plans and specification and a Faculty for the work to proceed. The application will go in this month.

If we are successful in raising the necessary funding the idea is to have the refurbishing work undertaken at the same time as the Tower Works which could be early next year.

Village fundraising activities continue through the PIGs Group (the Project Ideas Group) with the Art Exhibition, Flower Festival and Scarecrow Trail taking place over this coming weekend the 10th & 11th September with money raised going to the Charity Trust Community Facility Fund.

David Chapman
5th September 2011

Minutes (Draft) – Swainsthorpe Parish Council Meeting – 5th September 2011






Chairperson Janet Flower; Clerk Tony Talby

Councillors: David Chapman; Doreen Holman; Glynis Frost

Also present: District Councillor Laura Webster


Jim Palframan


The minutes of the last meeting of the 4th July 2011 having been posted and circulated were taken as read and signed by the chairperson.


The subject of the possible renovation of the milestone at the end of Church Road, which was discussed at the last meeting, was addressed, with a quotation of £80 from Nigel Ford to undertake the work. Although Doreen Holman reported that this only represented expenses and that Nigel makes no profit, the consensus was that this was a considerable sum. Doreen Holman expressed her feelings on the importance of the maintenance of historic markers and our heritage in general. The matter of the general tidiness of that area was also discussed as it has been somewhat neglected of late. Jan Flower undertook to contact the person who has been responsible and, failing that, to take on the responsibility for the work, with the help of Doreen Holman. That assurance was gratefully received and, with that, the suggestion of the milestone renovation was accepted by the council.


The Planning Report July/August 2011 (herewith appended), submitted by Jim Palframan, was read by Chairperson Jan Flower.

Questions were raised with District Councillor Laura Webster about the impact of the proposed developments around Mulbarton on the village of Swainsthorpe, particularly the resulting increase in traffic on Church Road and on the A140. There was discussion of the possible bypass/roundabout at Newton Flotman and the difficulty of access on to the A140 from the village. It was pointed out by Tony Talby that, although the planning report makes mention of the developers making payment of a Community Infrastructure Levy, our village had seen nothing of this when the last development took place, despite the impact on Swainsthorpe.

Laura Webster was asked to convey all these concerns to the District Council and it was hoped that Jim Palframan would be keeping abreast of all developments that affect our village.


Clerk Tony Talby gave a report on the financial situation.

The deposit account contains £14,097.66 and the current account £2,489.35 after payment of a cheque for the petty cash. The cheque was signed to return the petty cash to £150.

The accounts that were submitted to the Audit Commission have been returned approved.


Councillor David Chapman gave the council an updated report on the ongoing project, including what exactly will be included in phase 1 and the funding situation. He suggested a public meeting when the money has been raised to inform everyone of the proposed schedule. It is hoped that the repairs to the tower, for which funding is already secured, can take place concurrently with the refurbishment so that the church will need to be closed for the minimum time.

The provision of facilities for the hard of hearing was particularly welcomed by Jan Flower. Doreen Holman enquired about the upgrade to the path and hard-standing which does pose a problem for the less able but this was said not to be included in phase 1.

There was a proposal from David Chapman that, as previously discussed, the Parish Council should set aside a fund of £ 5,000.00 towards the Community Fund Project. This was seconded by Tony Talby and voted through.


The next event is the flower/art festival and scarecrow trail next weekend and volunteers for the setting up were discussed.

Further events are the December 17th coffee morning, with raffle and children’s activities, and Christmas Eve carols round the tree on the green which was so successful last year. The takings from the former are for church funds and the collection on Christmas Eve for the Charity Trust.


An application for funds from an organization called Vitalize was turned down as not being relevant to the Council.

The residents of The Vale have informed the Council of a further application for a speed limit of 30mph to be introduced at the turning into their property. This follows a recent accident there. Laura Webster said she would speak to County Councillor Jon Herbert about the application.

Information has been received about a product called a portable vehicle activated sign which may be useful to encourage adherence to the speed limit in the village. We await a price.

There was discussion about replacing posts around the green, as some have been damaged. It seems there should be some which were paid for on the occasion of the opening of the village green but not used, so, before a decision is made on purchasing new ones, David Chapman will make enquiries about these.

Tony Talby told the meeting about contacting the Rangers about repairs to the road surface around the post box corner which is deteriorating. He will contact them once again and try to get resolution.

Tony Talby also reported on the crime statistics for the village. Unusually there were four incidents in August.

District Councillor Laura Webster gave a verbal report to the council (subsequent written report herewith appended)covering South Norfolk’s efforts to share services with other councils. She also mentioned that, with reference to the development framework for the county, Swainsthorpe is listed as for infill development only. There was also discussion of the completed and ongoing applications. Laura will let us have her report in writing.

Tony Talby has had a communication from South Norfolk about the collection of recyclable materials left at the banks. There have been problems with the contractors and we should report hold-ups in collection. At the moment the bottle bank has been full for a while and there is a huge number of bottles gathered around it.

Tony Talby brought to the attention of the council the request from Tim Mobbs, the monitoring officer of the S.N.D.C. for a volunteer for the Independent Panel on Members Remuneration, to which there was no immediate response.


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 7th November at 8pm at          St. Peter’s Church.