Chairman’s Report to the the Annual Parish Meeting – 16th May 2011

Chairman’s Report 2010-2011
Presented at the Annual Parish Meeting held on 16th May 2011

Once again it is the close of another year for the Parish Council and has been a fairly busy one for the councillors.

There follows a summary of main events which have occurred in the village and supported by the Parish Council.

At our July meeting we were pleased to report that the Planning application for the church project was approved with a variety of clauses. The council continues to work closely with all the other parties involved and will be covered more fully in Councillor Chapman report.

The Annual Fete was held in July and opened by Claire Stevens our local District Councillor for South Norfolk. The fete was a great success and raised £1014.90 for village funds. Sincere thanks to all the councillors and residents who gave prizes and helped out and enabled us to have a successful day.

Once again we entered Anglia in Bloom and the judging was held on Monday 19th July with the results being published in September.

We received information that the Village Green Charity had been renamed the Swainsthorpe Community Charity Trust and more information will be given by Mr Chapman in his report.

We now have a new grit bin in the village and this is located next to the village notice board. A toy bin has also been installed at the recycling site

A Fire safety leaflet has been produced and a copy has been issued to every household via the Partnership.

Once again a speed survey had been taken but the results were limited and inconclusive. The council are still proceeding with trying to reduce speed through the village and we now have put up posters on the wheelie bins and signs to hopefully reduce the speed on Church Road.

The judging of Anglia in bloom took place in Sudbury o 15th September and the chairperson attended accompanied by Clayton Hudson. We were absolutely delighted to win a special certificate for our church project, also a silver gilt award for the best small village. But the best part of the day was to find we were overall winners of the best small village winning a lovely glass goblet made by Langham Glass. A worthy tribute to Councillor Jennifer Hudson who persuaded us to enter the competition.

Work has now been completed on Yew Tree Cottage and we are pleased that this project has reached a satisfactory conclusion.

The council has now decided not to purchase the red phone box on the A140 as this would have amounted in a lot of cost for the Council. This will therefore be removed in due course.

The Council have been very concerned with the possible development of sites 898 and 962 which are adjoining Briar Lane and Church Road. The council have lodged their objections with South Norfolk Council and there should be further information in the planning report.

September saw our Art & Flower festival in the church with some wonderful paintings and flowers on display. We also had a Scarecrow Trail round the village and some wonderful scarecrows were produced. All these events were well attended and my thanks to all who took part.

The Councillors also supported the Christmas coffee morning and Christmas craft for the children. It was also nice to see so many people at the carol service round the Christmas tree on the green. It looked wonderful with the lights and the candles and we would hope that the same event will take place this year. Once again thanks to all who organised this event.

At the council meeting in January it was decided not to enter Anglia in Bloom this year but we would encourage the villages to keep our village looking bright and tidy.

I would also like to remind the residents that the mobile Library still visit’s the village near to the church on every fourth Tuesday at, unfortunately numbers have fallen and if we want to keep the Library van we need more people to use it.

It was a pleasure to see that a group of people have been formed to help with the planning of events to raise funds for the new church project and note that several of the councillors are also involved with this.

Councillors have also helped to raise funds for the church this year and had a successful bring and buy sale which raised £400.00.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children took place on the 16th April on the village green and was attended by 32 children who had great fun looking for the eggs, and making Easter crafts in the church. The parents also sampled hot cross buns and other refreshments. Thanks to all who attended and helped on the day and a sum of £200.00 was raised. Thanks to Tony and Steven Talby for hiding all the eggs on the green.

What a joy it was to watch the Royal wedding on TV and the wonderful spectacular that the British always manages to do. We also had our own special event namely a Dress to Impress afternoon on the village green it was nice to see people turn out in Red, white and blue costumes, lots of bunting. Everyone brought picnics and we had live music as well. A good time was had by all. Thanks to all who organised the event and to District Councillor Claire Stevens who came and judged the fancy dress.

Councillors Annette Cooper and Richard Faulke have stepped down from the council in view of work commitments and would like to thank them both for all the work they have carried out and wish them well in the future.

District Councillor Claire Stevens said goodbye at our last meeting as she will not be standing again at the Council elections. We thank her for attending all our council meetings and for keeping us up to date on what is happening at South Norfolk Council and for all the help and assistance she gave us when dealing with the problem over Yew Tree Cottage. We send her our best wishes for the future.

A big thank you to Guy Hudson and Tony & Steven Talby for keeping parts of church road free from ice during the very cold winter we had. It certainly helped us to get up the hill from the A140 and made the bend near the church safer.

Thanks also to Andy Haggith and his team for keeping the churchyard looking good. And also to Brian and Eddie Lincoln for keeping all the grass cut on the village green, recycling area and round the church green making the entry to our village look good.

Sadly this year we lost three of our residents namely Betti Corbett, Robin Harrison and Rita Spicer and we offer our sympathies to their families.

Our biggest loss of the year was the sudden death of Jennifer Hudson and left the village in a state of disbelieve. Jennifer was a councillor for many years , she set up Swainsthorpe in Bloom which brought many successes to the village., and was very active in the Parochial Church Council. She was always seen walking round the village with her two dogs, collecting litter as she went, and would stop and chat to all she happened to meet. Jennifer will be sadly missed by all who knew her for her drive and enthusiasm and we offer her family our deepest sympathy. The Parish Council have bought a rose in her memory to be planted in the rose garden at the church.

Thank you to all the councillors for their work and assistance over the past year and hope for your continued dedication to the residents of the parish in the future.

Last but not least my sincere thanks to you Tony for your excellent work as Parish clerk and for all your assistance to me over the year it is greatly appreciated.

Mrs Janet Flower
Chairman – Swainsthorpe Parish Council

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